Jewelry is sculptural but compact. This is what initially drew me to the field. What kept me here was the fascinating life each piece then lives because it exists on the wearer and acts as a tiny traveling exhibition wherever it goes.

My name is Jessica and I am the founder and creator behind DaSilva Studios. Drawing, sculpting and painting have always been at the forefront of my life, coming from a family that supported creative endeavors. During my first year as an undergrad at Rhode Island school of Design I formulated a plan to pursue jewelry. I went on to earn a Master of Art Education from UMass Dartmouth and have been teaching high school art for over a decade.

In addition to making and teaching art, my husband John Garret and I write and perform folk songs together. Recordings of that can be found at

Created primarily with kiln-fired enamels on metal, each piece is fabricated from start to finish in our home studio in Reno, NV. Inspiration comes first from the available materials, next from the process of enameling and third - but arguably most important - from scenes and imagery compelling enough to portray on small-scale glass paintings. The process of enameling involves a level of commitment to your content, and though it is an ever-present answer to this question, what inspires me most… is nature. The progressions, interactions and combinations that exist in nature are always a topic of interest to me. If they can be honored in the work I create, then I consider the time and effort worthwhile.