Custom "Plique a jour" Jewelry

Custom "Plique a jour" Jewelry


This custom option features the delicate ancient process of creating tiny cells of translucent color - much like a tiny stained glass window. Each cell is hand-cut and filled with carefully filtered enamel powder, which is then fired several times in a kiln. It is similar to cloisonne, but has no backing behind the enamel. The name “plique a jour” translates to “light of day” and this technique is ideal for pieces that will allow light to pass through and illuminate the tiny colorful shapes.

The necklace pictured was designed by the artist and the client as a gift, and features a dangling element in the center of an abstract shape inspired by natural motifs such as flower petals and exotic birds. Your necklace can be anything you envision, as long as none of the glass cells are larger than 3 millimeters, since the technique relies on surface tension during firing.

At checkout, you will have the option to choose what type of piece (earrings, necklace, etc.) and space to describe the design you are looking for. Please allow a month of creation time, as this process is rather involved.

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